There's a peach for every palate!

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Huffman's Peaches has a number of different varieties of peaches, ensuring that there will be either yellow or white flesh peaches throughout the season.

Yellow Peaches

  • 8 Ball

  • Carolina Gold

  • Contender

  • Cresthaven

  • Fat Lady

  • Flame Prince

  • Intrepid

  • Lucky 13

  • Monroe

  • PF 11

  • Redhaven

  • Sun Prince

  • Sure Prince

  • Winblo

White Peaches

  • China Pearl

  • Georgia Bell

  • White Country

  • White Lady

Whether you love yellow or white peaches, you're sure to find delicious, rich peaches on our farm.
Visit us today and let us help you find what you're looking for!

All varieties of peaches sold by Huffman's Peaches are freestone.  As the name implies, the peach pit is easily removed, making it an excellent choice for eating fresh from the farm.

Regarding taste, the most important factor for peaches is that they are allowed to ripen on the tree.  Huffman's Peaches are picked fresh from the tree daily, thus allowing them to ripen well on the tree.  The result?  Delicious, juicy peaches!


Varieties Explained

8 Ball
8 Ball blooms late, but ripens early.  It is a large size fruit with high color, great texture, and excellent, sweet flavor.  

Note:  Contender originated from a cross of Summercrest and Redhaven peaches.  It was originally introduced by North Carolina State University in 1989.

Contender is a medium to large-size fruit.  It is firm, sweet, juicy, aromatic and very flavorful.  The skin of the fruit is mostly red in color.


Cresthaven is a beautiful golden yellow fruit with red around the pit.  It is firm and juicy, and excellent for canning or freezing.


Redhaven has long been a very popular peach, and is one of the world's most widely planted peaches.  It is a beautiful golden yellow fruit.  It is firm and juicy, and excellent fresh or for freezing.

Sure Prince

Sure Prince is a wonderful, large peach with bright red skin over a creamy yellow flesh.  This peach is excellent for eating fresh-picked, or for baking.